Editing Background

I’ve worked as a copyeditor, proofreader, and developmental editor for several publishers and imprints. I’ve also mentored beginning writers, and edited large batteries of multiple-choice and rubric-based test questions. My obsessive attention to detail ensures that your projects receive solid edits.

What I do in an edit depends on what you need. If you need grammar, spelling, and punctuation cleaned up, I can help. If you’ve written a novel and want some guidance on characterization, dialogue, and structure, I can help. If your manuscript needs a final proofread before going to press, I can help with that, too.

Microsoft Word is my tool of choice for tracking changes and making comments. I also use Adobe Acrobat as requested.

I’m familiar with common style standards, including Chicago and AP.mispell I can readily adapt to any standard set by your company or personal taste.

My broad background makes me an ideal editor for many projects.

Click here to contact me to discuss your editing needs, or e-mail me at kgparker AT gmail.com.