Published Clips

My writing portfolio shows its own flavor of diversity. My published work includes a young adult novel, as well as articles and blogs on topics from health and parenting to religion and railroad locks. Use the links below to read some of my published work.

JTWYA cover large

Just the Way You Are. This novel was published in 2005 by Spring Creek Book Company. A sample chapter, “Meeting Mr. Right,” is available online at this site (click the link).

“First Time, Then Eternity.” Desert Saints, February 2010. This is an article about wisdom I’ve gained over the years that I wish I could share with my past self  at the time that I was first married.

“Flexible Sharing.” Published in Famous Family Nights, by Anne Bradshaw. Cedar Fort, 2009.  In this article I share a few of the most memorable family nights I’ve experienced.

Review of My Fair Godmother, by Janette Rallison

My review of this delightful young adult adventure first appeared on The Ink Ladies blog, where I blogged with several other published authors. The book itself was released in 2009. Writing book reviews has taught me to think about writing: what works, what doesn’t, and how it can be improved.

“Rocks in your backpack? It could be worse”  We returned my teenage son’s backpack to the manufacturer under warranty. What they sent us back was not what said teenage boy had in mind. This is a humorous–and true–account that appeared on The Ink Ladies blog.