Are you looking for an editor or proofreader who will pore over every detail of your book and tell you how you can make it better? Do you have a book you’re ready to prepare for self-publication or for submission to an agent or publisher? Send your manuscript to kgparker AT for a free no-obligation quote and a free five-page edit or proofread. You can also click here to contact me. Please specify the services you need and the questions and concerns that you have regarding your manuscript. Prices will vary according to the length of the manuscript and the depth of work required.


Available Services

Read-Through: Feedback is provided on structure, clarity, style, tone, characterization, point of view, dialogue, and any other general questions you may have on the manuscript. This is a big-picture edit that does not address details such as grammar and spelling, although some general comments may be included in the feedback.

Line Edit: This edit addresses grammar, spelling, typos, punctuation, missing words, and other little details to polish the surface of your manuscript. This is best to do after the story itself is in top form.

Read-Through and Line Edit: Your manuscript will be edited for both the “big picture” of a read-through and the details of a line edit. Both edits will be performed simultaneously.

Proofread: Proofreads are done as final checks on previously edited manuscripts, prior to publication. This is an important step that many self-publishing authors miss.


Note: I’ve edited and proofread books from a wide variety of genres, both fiction and nonfiction, and religious and secular. I’m happy to consider any manuscript, but I will not edit or proofread books with excessive graphic violence or “adult” situations.